What to expect?

We are working hard to bring you a whole new TF2 gambling experience.

You can expect a revamped user friendly interface, lag free trade offer handling, new unique features as well as many updates to our already existing games and the features you love!

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Introducing the Future of TF2Blaze

We'll transfer your user levels seamlessly, ensuring your progress remains intact. Enjoy smoother animations, faster speeds, and very fast bot handling for an immersive and seamless gambling experience.

King mode is getting a boost with undisclosed features (for now), including new weapons that add fresh excitement to battles. Raffles will be more thrilling with multiple items in each draw, increasing your chances of winning desired TF2 items.

Leaderboard events are improved, allowing you to be rewarded with even better prizes. Keep an eye on the chat as well for surprises, as we introduce something we will keep a secret for now.

In addition to the existing gamemodes, we are working on introducing something new that will take your TF2Blaze experience to the next level.

The New UI: Your Feedback, Our Enhancements

Enjoy a seamless and user-friendly experience, with all the features you've asked for. Our UI is compatible with a range of devices and screen sizes, ensuring you never miss out on the action.

Modern, more intuitive, and overall cleaner interface awaits you, seamlessly combining the vibrant Blaze colors you love with an immersive TF2 gambling experience like never before.

The Wait is Almost Over: Get Ready for Unprecedented Updates!

As the TF2Blaze staff team, we are bursting with excitement to unveil the culmination of our hard work and dedication. We can't wait to showcase the incredible new updates to our beloved community.

While we can't disclose the exact release date just yet, rest assured that the big update will be rolled out in small, thrilling batches. Starting with the highly anticipated new UI and revamped Jackpot mode, we will gradually introduce all the exciting gamemodes and innovative features in the coming months. Stay tuned for a remarkable journey into the future of TF2 gambling with TF2Blaze!

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